National Wine and Cheese Day

National Wine and Cheese Day

Some things are meant to be together. For example, chocolate and peanut butter, oil and vinegar and wine and cheese. Wine and cheese have been served together at the most important events for the highest social class since time immemorial. Wine and Cheese Day is a celebration of this timeless bonding and the elegance that it generates.

National Wine and Cheese Day celebrates the best pairing of wine and cheese. Many people believe that wine and cheese go together best when they are paired with high quality cheese. Many wine-producing regions pair local wines with local cheeses. This art is well-known in many countries.

National Wine and Cheese Day not only allows you to celebrate this tradition but also offers you an opportunity to increase your knowledge about pairing wine and cheese. There are many types of cheese and wine. It would be difficult to list them all. There is so much to learn about pairing these two delicious treats together. While there are general guidelines that can be followed to determine which cheese goes well with what wine, it is possible to learn much more by trying different combinations.

All of the pairings discussed in the introduction have an interesting aspect, except for peanut butter and chocolate. Pairing food usually involves pairing an astringent ingredient, such as wine, with a fat food like cheese. This is not an accident. It is one of the key ingredients to creating delicious meals.

Astringent foods can bind to the elements in saliva that lubricate, causing them to clump and losing their ability to lubricate. It can cause a puckered, dry mouth which is not something anyone likes. Worse, the more astringent foods you eat the worse it makes your mouth. We all agree that tea and wine are delicious but we don’t want a puckered palate!

With its rich texture and pungent flavors, cheese is the perfect solution. Every bite tends to cover our mouths a bit more, making the cheese lubricated with fats, sometimes to the point that it becomes slimy. The flavors are delicious, but it can be overwhelming. That’s where wine comes in!

Wine and Cheese Day is a celebration of this combination of foods and how they interact to make each other even more delicious!

Hosting a wine and cheese tasting is the best way to celebrate Wine And Cheese Day. Gather your friends and make sure you have every type of cheese on hand. Your Port Wines, your blushes, champagnes, reds and whites are all welcome. Each person will bring their own selection of cheeses to share. This is not just about Sharp Cheddar, but also exotics such as blue cheese, Limburger, Gorgonzola, Mizithra, and Gorgonzola.

These are some ways to pair wine and cheese well.

These tips will help you to create great wine and cheese pairings you and your family can enjoy. Perhaps you could get everyone to pair a wine with a cheese, then see who comes up with the best pairing. There is nothing better than friendly competition.


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