National Word Nerd Day

National Word Nerd Day

Word nerds, grammar geeks and language lovers all come together! It’s National Word Nerd Day! This day is for those who constantly correct someone’s pronunciations or use big words that no-one understands. It is a day to celebrate these skills and enjoy them to their fullest.

The building blocks of language are words. No one knows the exact date and place of language’s development because they didn’t know how to write it down. The Linguistic Society of Paris banned historians from discussing the origins of the language in 1866. This ban remained in force for many years. Researchers still have large disagreements, even in modern times.

Even though no one knows the origins of words, certain people love them. They might even be called word geeks by some!

What is a word nerd? Most people have a friend that enjoys etymology, vocabulary and all things related to words and language. Maybe it is a colleague who offers grammar corrections or suggestions on email. There are also those who love a pun or play on words more than the average person.

These characteristics are what make someone a word nerd. National Word Nerd Day celebrates the love of words and language, regardless of whether they’re self-proclaimed or publicly acknowledged by others.

National Word Nerd Day is for word nerds or people who love word nerds. There are many fun ways to celebrate this day. These are some ideas to get you started.

National Word Nerd Day allows you to have some fun with words, whether it’s buying a crossword puzzle book, doing a word search or downloading a smartphone application that has word games. You can have loads of fun with spelling games, word jumbles, fill ins, and many other activities.

In honor of National Word Nerd Day, those who love and know a word nerd might decide to gift them a small gift. Go to the bookstore to get them a dictionary, thesaurus or any other book that they have been looking for. A set of word magnets, which allow them to create everyday poetry right on their refrigerator, might make a great gift.

Although they are often ridiculed, if someone isn’t a Word nerd and has an important letter, paper, or document to write, who do you ask to review it? Of course, a word nerd!

Take a moment to recognize and thank your favorite word nerd for their help in proofreading, editing, or making the rest more beautiful in writing in honor of National Word Nerd Day!


Sep 01 2024


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