National Working Naked Day

National Working Naked Day

Yes, that title was correct! Although it may seem impossible, National Working Naked Day exists.

Nakedness is not the first thing most people associate with work. What if you think of working remotely? Still no?

For those who work remotely, it is possible to work naked. You wouldn’t know. This holiday is to celebrate the freedom of working remotely for people around the globe.

Lisa Kanarek founded National Working Naked Day in 2010. After leaving a 20-year corporate career, Lisa Kanarek decided to create the day with her company, Working Naked.

Working from home at the time was not a common choice. Lisa stated that she did not disclose that she had been working from home for five years, out of fear that her profession would be dismissed. It is hard to believe how much has changed over the past decade.

This, my friends is what National Working Naked Day all about!

National Working Naked Day offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate the flexibility and freedom that working remotely allows, and the recent changes that have been made to make it possible.

Are you tired of your stressful commute? What about changing your commute from the coffee pot at the kitchen to the office? This is something that many people would love! You would trade your suits and tie for comfy slippers and comfortable clothes. This is how you do it!

Lisa Kanarek, founder of Working Naked, says that different people have different meanings. This is more than just how someone dresses up before they sit down to do their work.

Some people feel naked thinking about working remotely. There are no coworkers or bosses to assist if things go wrong. They might not be able call them, but knowing that they are just a few steps away can make it easier.

For those who work remotely and can wear what they like to work, this day is for you!

This day is a great motivator for those who want to recognize all the wonderful benefits that come with working at home. Take a look at these ideas to get started celebrating.

Take a look at the place where you do most of your homework. Is it your kitchen table, the living room, or a home office. Does this space lack energy? Or is it filled with distractions. What could it take to make the space more inviting? It’s worth taking the time to plan. You might think about painting the room, getting a new chair or adding a few plants to give it a more modern feel.

You may see an increase in creativity and productivity. Perhaps you feel a little more joy or satisfaction in your life.

You should also think about new technologies that could be useful in improving your home office. A new computer, faster internet speed, or separate screen to take online video calls are all possible options. These hacks will make it easier to work from home.

It takes courage and willingness to try new things to work remotely. You may find your work-from home life easier if you are willing to be humble. It’s not uncommon for people who choose to work from home to feel ashamed. Lisa encourages people not to hide their accomplishments or the courage to make the choice to work from home.

Do not forget to add diplomas, certifications and accreditations to your walls. You should be proud of your journey and let clients know. Online meeting organizers should make sure that everyone sees the evidence they have posted. This is your day to discover a new way of working! National Working Naked Day is celebrated (however you dress)


Mar 02 2025


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