Native American Heritage day

Native American Heritage day

Would you like to learn more about your County How about the people who lived there before the United States of America? Take the time to find out as much information about America’s history as possible, so you can see the world differently. Ever wondered what life was like before civilization became a modern concept? Take some time to read about the lives and times of those who lived in America long before the settlers arrived.

In November 2008, President George W Bush signed a Law that gave this opportunity to the First Peoples who are indigenous to these lands. It was also supported by the National Indian Gaming Association for recognition by Native tribes in the United States. It’s a way to recognize and thank Native Americans for their contributions to America over the years.

From the land we share to the traditions that have been passed on to every generation. It is important to remember some things, such as the history of the land and the struggles to stop oppression by foreign governments. You will also learn how to survive in hostile environments and the trade items.

Even though there is a dark side to this story, many are unwilling to see it. It is the recognition that lives were lost when the settlers arrived in what we now call the United States.

There are many ways you can celebrate this day. You can find out more about your Native American Tribe. Their rich history is reflected in the land they live on. Visit a Tribe museum in your area to learn more about them. Talking to the council and supporting them via social media. It boils down to asking questions and learning about their history. It may prove to be very informative and help you remember everything that made this country what it has become.


Nov 24 2024


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