Navy Day

Navy Day

Navy Day was the first day to commemorate the U.S. Navy. Although Armed Forces Day (Third Sunday in May for the U.S.), was established in 1949, celebrations of Navy Day are still ongoing, particularly within the Navy. In 1970s research revealed that the true birthday of the US Navy was October 13th. However, this date was changed to October 27th.

The date of Theodore Roosevelt’s birthday, who was Assistant Secretary to the Navy in 1897 was suggested for the 27th of October.

The U.S. Navy used to send ships to different ports on Navy Day before 1949. 1945 was the largest celebration. President Harry S Truman visited the New York Harbour and reviewed the fleet. There are photos of ships docked along Hudson River for the celebrations.

Navy Day was first observed officially on October 27, 1949, when Louis A. Johnson ordered that the U.S. Navy participate in such events in May, On Armed Forces Day. He was the Secretary of the newly formed Department of Defense.

This decision did not affect the Navy League, which is a Civillian Organisation. They continued to organize events as before.


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