New Conversations Day

New Conversations Day

Awkward Silence presents Awkward Silence’s inaugural New Conversations Day. New Conversations Day offers the chance to have new and exciting conversations, learn new things about our friends, and come up with new ideas. Steven Benbow, chief writer at Awkward Silence, explains why New Conversations Day is so important.

Mr Benbow stated that many people are so used to talking about sport and weather, they don’t have the time to ask good questions or have meaningful conversations. Awkward Silence suggests a variety of conversation starters people could use, including “Which birthday tradition should be changed?”, “How would you feel about your spouse doing kiss scenes in a movie?” and “What do you want from your life?” Conversation is very powerful. He said that conversation is the place where ideas bloom, it’s where connections can be made, and it’s the lifeblood of relationships.

But people often underestimate its value, despite how important it is.” Mr Benbow explains why New Conversations Day is important and how people can celebrate it.

New Conversations Day encourages us to not wait until tomorrow to start the conversations that we want.

“Like asking each other what they should do with their lives and making decisions or talking to our parents and discovering their stories or just sharing our big ideas,” said Mr Benbow.

On 12 July, we don’t want people to be satisfied with boring conversation. We want them to have interesting conversations. There are hundreds of ideas to get them started. But each conversation is different.

Ask someone what they would say if they were the first to reach the moon. Or if it is okay for couples to keep secrets from one another. Ask your child what lessons they would give their children about alcohol and whether they believe animals have morals. Ask them about their last cry or what their ideas are for a TV series.

Awkward Silence is excited to make 12/7 a memorable day for talking.


Dec 07 2024


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