New Year’s Dishonor List Day

New Year’s Dishonor List Day

Are you tired of trendy or popular words being overused? This is the day to be! The New Year’s Dishonor List Day is the perfect day to get rid of annoying words and invite friends to share something better.

It all began at Lake Superior State University, which is located in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan is a city located in the northern part the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The tradition of the New Year‚Äôs Dishonor Day began in 1976, when W. T. Rabe (the university’s public relations director at the time) created a list that should be banned.

The list and the day were created to “uphold and protect excellence in language”. It does this by compiling a list of English words that are being misused or overused. The university made the banished words event an annual event after the popularity of the first list.

A task force from the university compiles this list each year based on the nominations received during the past twelve months. The majority of the words on the list are common words, often slang words or words that have become popular. The official release of the list takes place on December 31, so people can get started in the new year right by using the English language.

The most important thing for Dishonor List Day, however, is to get a copy the Banished Words List published by LSSU and take it seriously. The list can be read by anyone who is honest enough to identify which words they may have misused or overused, to their own annoyance and to cause a rift in the English language.

The list of banished words also includes the following words:

Although it can be hard to break a bad habit of using certain words, New Year’s Dishonor Day is a great opportunity to do so. You can expand your vocabulary by searching for new words and phrases to replace those that have been banished. You might want to get out your dictionary or thesaurus so you can come up with new words and phrases that will enrich the language experience around the world.


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