No More Week

Many people find domestic violence and sexual assault heartbreaking. The politics surrounding domestic violence elimination can be complex.

There are many events and organizations that raise funds and provide an outlet for those who have suffered domestic violence. No More Week is one holiday that opposes domestic violence.

No More Week allows leaders, businesses, leaders, and individuals to join forces to end domestic violence. No More Week was established in 2013 by No More Campaign. It began with a group founders who believed in the same cause and created a space for people to come together to end domestic violence and sexual abuse.

The No More campaign created a common symbol that helped companies, stakeholders, and small organizations to shape their values and effect change through media, sports, technology and entertainment.

No More has been one of the most popular campaigns in recent years. According to the No More website 1,200 organizations and 75,000 people joined the campaign in support, along with hundreds of schools and programs.

No More Week is a chance for those who have signed up to the campaign to share their stories, declare that they are survivors, and refuse to be defeated by domestic violence.

No More Week offers a great opportunity for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault to seek support and help from others.

Join the No More Campaign to Celebrate No More Week and let the world know that you are committed to ending domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Participate in local events to find out if there is a march you can join, or an informative session that you can attend. You can easily share the holiday via social media with the hashtag #NoMoreWeek to convince your friends and family to join the campaign against domestic violence.

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