No Pants Subway Ride

No Pants Subway Ride

This is the day for you if you are the type of child who hates wearing pants. The No Pants Subway Ride is about chaos and the absurd. It doesn’t matter if you find it strange. You don’t have to go on a subway ride if you want to be silly. Learn more about the history of the Subway Ride and how to get involved here at Days of the Year.

No Pants Subway Ride was founded in 2002 by seven riders who decided to take the subway without their pants. Improv Everywhere is a comedy performance art group that performs “missions” or pranks that cause chaos and joy. This group was part of Improv Everywhere. They became famous in 2006 after they started uploading videos from their missions in New York City to their Youtube channel. The No Pants Subway Ride trend quickly became popular and people all over the globe began to celebrate this holiday by taking their pants off and riding on the subway.

The trend’s beginnings were met with some resistance. In 2006, at least 150 people took part in the event. Eight people were arrested for disorderly conduct. However, these charges were dropped later. The holiday soon spread to London, Moscow, and hundreds of people around the globe started to get excited about the holiday. They registered their VIP passes for Improv Everywhere gatherings, and began preparing for this unusual and crazy event. Improv is all about the laughter.

You can try this unusual, Dadaist holiday by visiting the Improv Everywhere website. Register in your city to participate in the next No Pants Subway Ride event. You don’t have to show your bum to the world. Instead, you can watch Youtube videos and see other people do it. Use the hashtag #nopantssubwayride to share this holiday with your friends on social media.


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