Nobel Prize Day

The Nobel Prize, which is given annually on Nobel Prize Day, is one of the most prestigious honors in science.

On December 10, 1901, the fifth anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death, the first Nobel Prizes were presented. Nobel was a Swedish scientist and inventor, who also loved poetry and drama. Nobel is most well-known for his invention of dynamite, high explosives and other chemicals. He held over 350 patents during his lifetime.

In 1895 Alfred Nobel made his will. It established that each year, prizes would be given to recognize and honor individuals who have made important contributions in science, medicine, literature, and peace. The majority of his fortune was left to this cause. Although no reason was given, many believe it was his guilt at having invented such destructive weapons.

Since more than 100 years, Nobel Prizes are awarded every year on Nobel Prize Day, Stockholm, Sweden. This is where Alfred Nobel was born, and where he lived a significant portion of his adulthood.

These ideas can be used to observe Nobel Prize Day.

You can have fun in the classroom with a group of children or as a family by picking your Nobel Prize Winners. Recognize the admirable qualities of different members of the group and award them special awards!


Oct 12 2024


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