Norfolk Day

Norfolk Day

You’re likely to be one of the many people who live in Norfolk’s great land. It has a rich history dating back hundreds of thousands years. This area is believed to have been inhabited since the ancient discovery. That means that Norfolk today has more than 300,000. Because of its rugged beauty, Norfolk Day is an annual celebration of its history and distinction.

As we have already mentioned, the history of Norfolk Day began over 300,000 years ago, when the first human beings walked on the land now called Norfolk. The world has seen many technological advances, including an ice age and the Roman incursion. It’s important that we don’t just say the area has been inhabited for 300,000 years. There are also finds from other parts of England dating back to 668,000 years. This means that it is possible that the area was inhabited for much longer.

The Roman Era was the beginning of the modern history in Norfolk. From that time forward, things have been…interesting… to say the most. It has been in many hands, been the subject to multiple wars, was formed from a province in the Roman Empire, became an English Kingdom, then the Earldom Harold I of England and settled down in comfort as part of England during the Middle Ages. It was home to many English heroes and was one of the most important agrarian and market areas during this time.

It begins with understanding the history of Norfolk, and why this land deserves a day of its own. The region is a combination of hundreds of thousands of years worth of human history and thousands of years’ worth of technological and cultural advancements that has made it one of England’s most famous. Norfolk is still one of England’s most photographed areas and attracts thousands of tourists each year to take in its beauty.


Jul 27 2024


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