Occult Day

History is filled with rich and mysterious religions, beliefs, and practices that have shaped our world. They hint at hidden powers beneath the surface. Occult Day invites us to explore this mysterious world, to communicate with spirits, and to seek out the truths hidden behind the stars and in the shadows. Occult Day offers a chance to hear strange whispers and dream dreams that are prophetic.

Occult Day was created to encourage people who walk in the sunlight to spend some time in the shadows. Occult practices do not have to be dangerous or involve dealings with morally questionable entities. Instead, they can help us expand our consciousness and discover the part of ourselves that lives beyond the material. Every culture has its mysteries religions and occult practice. Whether it’s Ritual Magic’s intricate workings or exploring G-d through Kaballah Judaism’s, there’s no culture that’s unaffected by the Occult.

The Latin word occultus, which means “clandestinely hidden, secret”, is the basis of the term occult. It was later renamed into Occult to refer to “Knowledge of the Hidden”. The hidden is not just that beneath the stone or in the dark. It is the places in ourselves that call us out in our wildest moments and ask us to embrace our spiritual selves as well as the secrets it holds. Occult Day gives you the chance to listen and grow in your knowledge.

Occult Day can be best done by spending some time cultivating your spiritual self. Do you find yourself drawn to Tarot cards and the secrets they reveal? Are spirits trying to communicate with you via Ouija boards? Or are they revealing themselves to you in the mirror. Spend some time listening on Occult Day and maybe reaching out to them to hear what they have to share with you. Accepting and honoring our magical natures will allow us to live more authentic, complete, and fuller lives filled with joy and mystery.


Nov 18 2024


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