One Voice Day

One Voice Day

“One Voice Day” is a worldwide initiative that unites all countries in the reading of The Universal Peace Covenant at precisely 6 p.m. UTC each July 26th. The Universal Peace Covenant, a pledge and plea for peaceful co-existence that consists of 577 words, is an appeal to families, nations and the entire world. Individuals and groups from all walks of the globe will gather spiritually during this time to pledge their support for global peace.

One Voice Day was created from October 1996 to April 1997. It is the result spiritual collaboration. People of all walks of life, from many religions and nationalities, all races, were united to create a timeless document that accurately reflected humanity’s hopes, challenges, and destiny. The 577-word document contains timeless wisdom that can be used to guide us in our daily lives in an ever-changing world. The Covenant can be shared with others around the globe

Share the peace document and celebrate. You can be peaceful throughout the day, and perhaps let go of any grudges and anything that might keep you and your friend or family member apart.

The Peace covenant can be found in many languages, and is widely read around the globe.


Jul 26 2024


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