Operating Room Nurse Day

Operating Room Nurse Day

The surgeon is the star of an operating room, but without the help of skilled operating room nurses, vital surgical procedures would not be possible. These dedicated professionals are responsible to provide patient care, from assessing, prepping, and assisting with procedures, to ensuring a safe environment, and handling any medical equipment.

This is one of the most difficult nursing jobs. Complex operations can go on for hours and nurses must be able to focus for long periods without taking a break. It is clear that these nurses are lifesavers and deserve their day. This day, just one in a year, allows people to stop and reflect on how much they owe them.

Nursing has existed for over 2000 years. According to the Hippocratic Collection, “attendants” were skilled in caring for patients and observing them on various occasions. These were most likely the first true nurses that mankind has ever seen. In later periods of history, both monks and nuns were able to give nurse-like care to the sick.

This can be seen in the histories of many religions such as Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Many archaeological evidence has been found that suggests humans have been practicing various types of surgery for as long as 9,000 years. The earliest Egyptian surgical texts date back to approximately 1,500 BC.

Terry Bransted, Iowa’s State Governor, made a decision to reward operating room nurses for their hard work. He also issued an executive order to create an annual Operating Room Nurse Day.

Patients who have had surgery, or their family members or friends have had surgery, are encouraged to thank the nurses in the operating room with a card or gift. This will show that you appreciate the tremendous work they do every day. The nurses are often the unheroes of medicine. Doctors and surgeons usually take all the credit for successful procedures.

This Operating Room Nurse Day, take some time to show your appreciation to those surgical nurses who have helped you or someone close to you by fulfilling their responsibilities to the best of their ability. It doesn’t take a lot of money or grand gestures to show your appreciation. The most important thing in life is the thought.

Nobody has ever refused a box of chocolates, or a bottle of wine. It will make their day a lot easier, and the nurses may be surprised at the kind gesture.

Surgeons and doctors are not the only ones who merit appreciation, admiration, and respect for their work. We should all show gratitude to nurses for making our lives easier and, in some cases, saving our lives.


Nov 14 2024


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