Optimist Day

Is it a glass-half full or half empty? If you’re a natural optimist in life, you might consider yourself a glass-half-full, isn’t-it-a-wonderful-life kind of human, which is a fantastic quality to have. For the rest of us, however, it may be difficult to remain positive every day. Optimist day is the perfect solution.

This is your chance to focus on the positive aspects of life for a day. This day will bring joy to your life, no matter if you are a natural optimist or slightly pessimistic.

In 2019, Optimist Day was established in Croatia. Somersby Cider created the festival to bring together optimists and those who simply want to be positive for a single day. The summer sun allowed people to enjoy Zagreb and their sweet ciders. Bright yellow balloons and tiny cans of the bubbly beverage were used by optimists to toast their fellow human beings in an unforgettable day.

Somersby Cider collaborated with the community to run a series of online campaigns that spread joy and did something positive. The campaign was supported by almost 40,000 people. Somersby paid Zagreb parking tickets, saving many people money and preventing their otherwise bright day from becoming a nightmare.

The Somersby Cider website, which featured visually optimistic content and sought to spread the joy to all who visited it, also supported the day.

This day was created to unite people of all ages, optimists and pessimists. It allows them to enjoy the sun and cool off with their favorite beverage and take a rest. We know you might feel like you are running around trying to keep up with the daily stresses of life. But we want to remind that today is a day to celebrate positive thinking.

For a long time, the world has been begging for such a day. But what is an optimist? A person who is optimistic about their future and their place in it. They are more likely to believe that good things will come about and see the positive side in many situations.

An optimist is not someone who believes everything will turn out well. They are people who put in the effort to create a better future. It’s hard to be an optimist every day. We are not perfect and must all work at it, unless we are naturally optimistic.

Research has shown that optimism is beneficial for both your mental and physical well-being. Research over five decades has shown that optimism helps patients recover faster from illness. Optimists are more likely to recover faster from surgery, have higher immunity and can survive cancer. Optimists live longer, have better quality of living, and are more resilient than their pessimistic counterparts.

We’re all shouting, “But how do we make it more positive?” and “Why is it so difficult to be positive?” Scientists have shown us that our genes and our environment are key factors in our ability to feel positive. It’s possible to be a better optimist if you don’t have the right genes. The good news is that we can train our brains to be more optimistic.

Consider a situation that you are currently facing or a potential future obstacle that could impact your life. What are your plans to overcome this obstacle? What will this challenge have on your life? You can create a positive outlook by writing down positive things.

We were designed to live until we reached 30, but our lives were limited to finding food to eat and avoiding being eaten for millions of years. Now that we live longer, optimism is crucial to keeping our brains young and happy for longer. Optimist Day was established to address this issue.

Our founders asked us to put aside the Blue Monday culture and focus on the positive. We already have days where we can indulge our negative side and commiserate, so maybe it is time for us to embrace the positive and look for opportunities to be optimistic.

Optimist day is a great opportunity to show kindness and generosity. It doesn’t matter if you have to pay someone’s parking ticket, but it’s a great way to do something for someone you care about. You could make dinner for your family, or volunteer your time at the local Animal Charity or homeless shelter.

Give back to your community and others. You could give a simple kind word to someone you don’t know, or organize a charity event. Even the smallest gestures can make a big difference to the people you are helping.

You can also follow the tradition and grab some optimists and a glass sweet cider before heading out to the beach or park. Relax in the sun with your favourite people, drink, and the summer sky above. Bad weather? You don’t have to worry about the weather. Just bring some light and tasty summer snacks indoors. Let’s have a great day!


Feb 02 2025


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