Orphan Sunday

Orphan Sunday is an opportunity to support the orphans around the globe. There are probably no more vulnerable humans than the thousands and thousands of children around the world, who are unable to find a mother or father due to all kinds of tragedies, from war to illness to accidents. No matter the reason, orphaned kids need our support in every way we can.

Many churches and organizations have held “Orphan Sundays” over the years to bring attention to the needs and problems of orphans.

The Christian Alliance began their own Orphan Sunday in 2005 when a visitor from America, Gary Schneider, saw a service at a church in Zambia and was inspired by the pastor’s appeal to help orphans living in poverty and starvation.

Children who were orphaned at that time were especially vulnerable. They were often left to their own devices, something that no child is willing to do.

Many children lost their lives as they couldn’t afford to attend school and get a good job. Although most of the people who attended the service were very poor, many offered their support at the end. Some even gave away their clothes and shoes to help the children.

Schneider was moved by this act of generosity and decided to help Zambian leaders care for the orphans in Zambia. He spread the word about the new practice like wildfire. These efforts were so successful that they reached the United States in 2003.

The Christian Alliance pays tribute to the Zambian church Schneider visited for Orphan Sunday. It is also an inspiration to people around the world to care for orphans.

The Christian Alliance now includes over 150 ministries. Orphan Sunday is celebrated in thousands across the globe in more than 50 countries.

Orphan Sunday can be celebrated by doing something for the children that the Zambians have tried to care for for so many years.

It doesn’t end there. Although the origin of the event was in Zambia, there are many other places in the world that can help orphaned children. There are also children who have lost both parents in every community and could benefit from your assistance.

Orphan Sunday is a chance to get church, community, and friends involved in caring for orphans. Every Orphan Sunday event is unique, depending on the leader. The believer from any local church and their pastor or priest meet to discuss what they can do to help their local orphans, as well as those worldwide.

The events include sermons on God’s love for orphans, which Christians believe is a particularly important topic, fundraisers, live music, and even foster family recruitment.


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