Overseas NHS Workers Day

Overseas NHS Workers Day

The UK’s National Health Service is an essential part of the country, and it is even more important during times of crisis like a pandemic.

The NHS relies on many workers from abroad to maintain its ability to care for the people it serves in the face of this current global health crisis. They are essential to the organization’s mission and operation.

This is why Overseas NHS Workers Day was established, and these people deserve to celebrated!

Overseas NHS Workers Day, founded by The Doctors Association UK, was established to acknowledge the exceptional contribution of those who immigrated to the United Kingdom to fight COVID-19.

Nearly 200 nationalities make up the NHS of England, and they all fill a variety of roles within the National Health Service. This includes people from Indian, Filipino, Irish, and other countries that account for almost 14% of the NHS staff.

Even with the extra help of those from overseas, the NHS does not have sufficient staff to meet the demand, which places additional strain on those working in the trenches. Living and serving abroad can be stressful due to the red tape and visa issues. It also means that you miss out on family and friends back home.

This is why The Doctors’ Union UK decided to make an extra effort to thank overseas healthcare workers. This is the perfect day for Overseas NHS Workers Day!

This day is all about taking the time to show appreciation for overseas NHS workers in any way you can. These ideas will make Overseas NHS Workers Day special.

NHS trusts encourage staff and anyone else who wants to participate! This day, you can dress in green and blue-the colors around the world. This could be a blue scrub with a green bandana, mask, bandana, or lanyard for NHS workers. You can show your appreciation to non-medical workers by wearing green and blue, and sharing your reasons with a friend.

You can thank the foreign NHS worker for their services to you friend, neighbour, or anyone who works in your primary care office. Send them a card of appreciation, a bouquet of flowers, a box full of chocolates, or bake them a cake.

In honor of the many NHS workers who died due to COVID-19, offices and organizations are asked to observe a minute silence throughout the day.

That’s fine! Although Overseas NHS Workers Day focuses on the United Kingdom’s health service, the core message is applicable wherever you may be in the world.


Mar 03 2025


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