Package Protection Day

Package Protection Day

It can be hard to pay attention during holidays. If you have an important package to deliver, there is no way to lose it. Package Protection Day is a day to ensure that all your online orders and gifts are safe from theft. Although package theft isn’t as well-known as credit card theft, this holiday is meant to highlight the importance of protecting your mail packages from theft. You can read the history of this holiday and find out how to celebrate it.

When strangers walk up to your door and take your packages, package theft is a serious problem. Consumers everywhere regularly shop online and in stores for Christmas gifts, as the economy of Christmas has steadily increased over the past decade. It is easy for accidents to occur with the high levels of consumerism., which is a company that makes home security technology, created this holiday to assist people in the holiday season with home security.

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day each year, USPS/UPS delivered over 1.6 billion packages. This gives thieves an opportunity to steal just like credit cards that can be hacked during Christmas season via online orders. reports that 43 percent of neighbor’s have had at least one package stolen. Another 40% reported multiple packages being taken. 69 percent said they are too scared to order online and 79 percent said they would ask their neighbor for help in tracking down their package. These statistics, along with the rise in consumerism, led to Package Protection Day being created. It was established to protect consumers from package theft and make Christmas safer.

Installing a home security system is one of the best ways you can protect your home from package theft. You’ll be able monitor what your porch looks like during the day, and keep track of what happens in your home. Double-check with your mail carrier to see how your package is progressing and what you can do to ensure that it arrives safely. Also, hashtag #packageprotectionday on social media so your friends can know that although it’s Christmas, there are still incidents that can happen.


Nov 01 - 30 2024


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