Pardon Day

Forgiveness is the act of allowing someone to forgive them.

It is distinct from condoning (where one doesn’t see the offense as wrong and therefore does not need to forgive), exempting the action (where you place all the blame on another person), giving pardon (cleared in court), forgetting (where there is no evidence of the incident in any tangible or present way) or reconciliation (where the relationship can be restored but the actions are not strictly forgave).

In 1974, President Gerald Ford issued a controversial Presidential Proclamation on the 8th September. Richard M. Nixon was pardoned by this proclamation for all wrongdoing related to the Watergate scandal. Richard stated clearly that he believed he had committed grievous wrongdoings against the United States people and the seat they granted him.

Although you may not be able to grant a presidential pardon on your own, you can be more compassionate on International Pardon Day. Pardon Day is a good day to forgive those who have wronged you.

One thing we know about forgiveness is that it brings happiness to all who do it. However, they can’t release the guilt they feel for the person who did it.

Therefore, forgiveness should be given to the person who gave it and not the one who did the transgression. Research shows that people who choose to let go of resentments have a longer life span due to improvements in their nervous and cardiovascular systems.

There are many ways to celebrate International Pardon Day. The simplest is to use ‘Excuse Me!’ and ‘Pardon Me! whenever it’s appropriate.

If you need to pass someone, a polite “pardon me” will suffice to ask them to move on. Did you run into someone, pass gas or get sucked in by them while trying to get over them? “Excuse me” is a great way to show that you are truly sorry.

A second, and perhaps more difficult, way to celebrate is by taking the time to look at the grudges that you carry around with you every day. It’s important to think about them and decide if it is worth carrying on that anger and resentment.

International Pardon Day is a day to pardon yourself and others for the excess weight that you are carrying. It can be done by email, over coffee or in person. Or you can write a letter. You can write them a letter with all the information you want to include, but don’t let their passing stop you from reaching out.


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