Parent Mental Health Day

What is Parent Mental Health Day?
Parent Mental Health Day was established by the charity stem4 which supports teenagers and young adults to build positive mental health.
This year (2022) is the first Parent Mental Health Day (PMHD) and will encourage understanding and awareness of the importance of parent mental health and its potential impact on the whole family system with the theme ‘Balance’. The day aims to get parents and carers to take a moment to reflect on the balance they have in their lives, as well as how they balance looking after their family’s mental health and to take steps to make positive change and ‘balance out’.
With the everchanging lockdown restrictions and daily fear of COVID-19 outbreaks in their child / young person’s school or college, as well as, in some cases, supporting a child or young person’s mental health, it is easy for parents to overlook their own mental health as they juggle daily tasks. Parent Mental Health Day is here to shine a light on the unsung heroes who have parented under changed circumstances throughout the pandemic, but now need some focus on themselves as well as their children and young people. By getting parents (and their employers) engaged in discussions about how to look after their own and their family’s mental health, PMHD breaks the stigma surrounding parent mental health and starts a discussion on how parents are coping too.
With a focus on encouraging balance, Parent Mental Health Day will encourage parents, carers, and employers to acknowledge the difficulties parents across the world have and are facing and, through this sharing, develop ways to change.

When is Parent Mental Health Day 2022?
Parent Mental Health Day will take place on the 27th January 2022.
How to get involved in Parent Mental Health Day 2022.
For more information and resources on Parent Mental Health Day and Balancing Out go to:
stem4 provides resources, including free apps, for young people to encourage good mental health, ward off anxiety and low mood, encourage calm, and prevent self-harm. stem4 also have an app to support parents who are looking after a young person with mental health issues. stem4 also helps and provides resources to those supporting young people including; parents and carers, education professionals, GPs and school nurses.
The charity delivers mental health education, resilience strategies and early intervention. As well as the free apps, these are delivered through an innovative education programme, a clinically-informed website, and mental health conferences.
stem4 is run by one of the country’s leading clinical psychologists, Dr. Nihara Krause, who also advises Parliament on mental health issues.


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