Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Many people don’t understand Parkinson’s Disease. It can also be difficult for those with it to access the resources they need to manage their daily lives. This month’s focus is to raise awareness about Parkinson’s Disease. It allows those with it to seek treatment and those without it to understand more. These sources include the Bible, Egyptian scriptures, and Roman Empire. James Parkinson published an essay in 1921 describing Parkinson’s Disease. Although it was not immediately recognized, it did become a common term. The essay was not published until 40 years later. It took 40 years for the essay to be noticed. Fox, a Canadian actor who became famous for his charismatic personality and his roles in some of the most iconic acting roles during the 80’s & 90’s. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991. This led him to create the Michael J. The Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research is a foundation that helps others understand the disease and to find solutions. The core foundations include the MJF Foundation. Parkinson’s Awareness Month encourages people to find out more about the disease and to donate to foundations that support research. Start thinking about what PD means to you, and if you’re passionate about awareness, then let everyone know on social media using the hashtag #ParkinsonAwarenessMonth what this month means to you. Donate to your favorite foundations and research the latest information about PD so you can help others.


Apr 01 - 30 2025


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