PayDay It Forward

PayDay It Forward

It is clear that there is nothing stopping us all from spreading kindness around the world. To make the world a better place, we could all share affirmations with our friends and strangers.

This is PayDay It Forward. It’s simple: You pay your kindness throughout the year forward for our young men.

Everyone faces challenges in life, big or small. PayDay It Forward reminds us to recognize and celebrate the young men in our communities. The idea that every member of the community should do something for young men is at the heart of PayDay It Forward. We could make the world a better place for young men if we all took part.

PayDay It Forward allows people to recognize and honor young men they meet with kind words and gestures. It is intended to affirm their existence and validate them with praise and personal affirmation.

PayDay It Forward was established to encourage communities to show kindness and honor young men.

Although many people wish to show their kindness to young men, they are often afraid to do so. Untapped kindness is a huge resource and could be a benefit to society if it was used. PayDay It Forward is an effort to make this happen.

It is easy to get involved in PayDay It Forward. There are many things you can do.

What will you do to take part in PayDay It Forward Are you willing to acknowledge every young man you meet?


Mar 29 2025


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