Peace Corps Week

Peace Corps Week

Since its inception in 1960, the Peace Corps has had an enormous impact on the world. All over the United States, volunteers travel by sea and land to reach their destinations. They help in any way possible to assist those in need. Peace Corps Week is about showing gratitude to all those who help those in need.

Peace Corps is a celebration of the founding of the Peace Corps in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy. This holiday honors all those volunteers who have traveled abroad to transform communities through diplomacy or acts of service.

Volunteers often go on for two to three years and, with their skills and qualifications, they help local communities in need. This includes education, economic development and agriculture. In an average year, there are 230,000 Peace Corps volunteers who travel to other countries to serve. This holiday is about giving back because of the large number of people committed to the service.

Peace Corps Week is a time to thank those who have volunteered their time around the globe and listen to their stories. Many volunteers gain valuable experiences through their travels, and are able to learn from different perspectives from people around the globe.

You can find many events for volunteers on the main website, including video seminars, festivals and blog posts. Peace Corps Week is an opportunity to educate people about the positive impact volunteers have on the world. Because two years can make all the difference. Friendships are formed, homes are built, and transformations take place.

You or your loved one have served in the peace corps. To help others, you can enter the peace corps competitions. Check out the main website of the Peace Corps to find out what programs they offer and which openings are available for you and your family members.

Use the hashtag #peacecorpsweek to share this holiday with your friends on social media. Let everyone know that this week is about volunteers saving lives, educating people and making a difference.


Feb 26 2025 - Mar 04 2025


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