Pick Blueberries Day

Pick Blueberries Day

Picking blueberries is a fun activity for all ages and a great way to enjoy summertime. Pick Blueberries Day is here!

Blueberries are native to North America. They were probably grown wild by local hunters and gatherers and used as part of their daily diet. Blueberries weren’t commercially cultivated until the 20th century.

Pick Blueberries Day was established by the National Blueberry Council of the United States in National Blueberry Month. It falls right at peak season for blueberry crop production. The United States Department of Agriculture has officially recognized the day since 2003.

Blueberries are delicious and healthy. They have the highest levels of antioxidants than any other vegetable or fruit. Get ready to celebrate Pick Blueberries Day

Take part in summertime celebrations with these great ideas, including Pick Blueberries Day

Take the family, friends or neighbors along and go to a blueberry farm with U-Pick options. Blueberries that are ready to pick will be plump, deep blue and slightly gray. If the berries remain hard, green or white, they should not be picked.

Hand-picked blueberries can be hard to find, but they’re more likely to be ready to eat. Yum!

After picking blueberries, there is much to do in the kitchen. The delicious results are amazing, whether you bake a pie, make jam, or pop some blueberry muffins in the oven. To add flavor and nutrition, you can pile blueberries on top of a cheesecake, make pancakes with them or throw them in a spinach and chicken salad. Blueberries can be used to make a delicious syrup or salad dressing for pancakes and waffles.


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