If plaid jackets and shirts are your favorite, then you should celebrate Plaidurday. This holiday is dedicated to the creation of plaid and its fashion statements. Plaid is a key part of history. Today, it can be used to create a cultural identity and keep you comfortable during rainy days. What is Plaidurday? Learn more about Plaidurday’s history and what you can celebrate it.

Plaid has a long history. Plaid is thought to have originated in the Celtic area between the 8th and the 6th centuries BC. Since then, archaeologists have found plaid in places like China, Austria, and Scandinavia. Plaid was a popular choice in culture and paintings by the 16th century. Plaid gained popularity quickly and is now a popular fashion item throughout the world. Plaid was a popular fashion item in the 1800s because it reminded people of Scottish royalty. This is why plaid is so closely associated with Scotland. One random fact about plaid is that the first ever color photo of a plaid ribbon was taken in 1861.

Plaidurday was born in Lansing Michigan. It began when Bugsy Sailor was ridiculed by coworkers for wearing plaid. This constant hackling led Bugsy to create a holiday that celebrates wearing plaid. This holiday was created by Bugsy in August 2010 to unite plaid lovers. Since then, the first plaid celebration was held on October 7, 2011. Plaid is just another way of connecting people.

Start by shopping at your local thrift store or departmental store for a few plaid shirts if you want to celebrate this holiday. Talk to your friends about plaid. Take a photo of yourself wearing plaid shirts and describe your favorite colors. Use the hashtag #plaidurday and share this holiday on your favorite social media sites!


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