Plastic Free July

Although recycling is promoted everywhere, there isn’t enough holiday to actually enforce the notion of how simple it is to recycle. Plastic is the most used product in the world, despite its environmental damage. Plastic Free July is an annual holiday that aims to educate people about the dangers associated with plastic. It also challenges people to stop using plastic for one month. Learn more about the history of Plastic Free July and how to get started.

The holiday idea began with a few participants in Western Australia in 2011. It has grown to become an independent non-profit organization that holds annual events in more than 150 countries. The original organization Earth Carers was the one that started them. This community focuses on environmental issues around the globe and educates people about how to protect the environment. After separating, their vision is about a world with no plastic waste. Many people took to heart their message because they care about plastic waste around the world.

Plastic Free July aims to raise awareness about plastic usage and create a cleaner environment. Participating in the holiday means that you can avoid all plastic products throughout July. This holiday helps people learn about the different types and how plastic is recycled. This initiative is designed to challenge the global material system that exists in the world’s economy. It focuses its efforts both on a local and global scale. They can make a difference by reducing the amount of stuff they use and helping others to do the same.

Start by avoiding single-use plastics such as straws and water bottles. For storage, use more reusable products like glass jars and metal utensils. Also, make sure to use metal tin lunch containers and containers. Make your own recipes and avoid processed foods. Make your own toothpaste, deodorant, or mouthwash. Use the hashtag #plasticfreejuly to share this holiday with your friends online and to see if they will join you in your effort to reduce plastic use.

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