Plimsoll Day

Plimsoll Day

Plimsoll Day is dedicated to Samuel Plimsoll, the man who made commercial sailing safer. Look out for the waterways, friends, and be thankful for all the amazing items that made it to your shores. In England, there was a time when commercial vessels were so full that they caused many accidents.

The laws of Mr. Plimsoll are now being applied to ships around the globe! Safety shipping across the oceans of the globe is the responsibility of Mr. Plimsoll.

Samuel Plimsoll was a key figure in the safe shipping of goods to England. Shipping was dangerous in the 1800s. Shipping was dangerous because ships were often overloaded with goods and poorly loaded.

Unloading and loading were often done on the docks and on the water. These ships were so dangerous that some people called them “coffin ships”. The crew’s lives were at constant risk because these ships were overloaded and unsuitable. Samuel was shaken by an incident that changed his life.

He tried to become a London coal merchant in 1853. He failed to succeed and lost everything. He was forced to spend several months in a shared lodging. He was able to see the positive side of things and decided to help those with less means.

He was the driving force behind England‚Äôs Merchant Shipping Act of 1876. He was also the champion of the Unseaworthy Ships Bill. They both brought about the Plimsoll lines for commercial ships. These lines indicate safe levels of cargo that can be loaded onto a ship’s hold in various conditions. You can find out more by entering the term Plimsoll lines in your favorite search engine.

How can you celebrate Plimsoll day? There are many ideas that you can start with. Already you have begun to learn more about Plimsoll lines, and how they make shipping safer around the world. You can continue learning about shipping at your local maritime museum. Are you not near water or shipping routes? You don’t have to worry, you can still use the internet for more information. You can also celebrate the day by supporting shipping by purchasing goods that are transported through waterways.

Yep, you heard me right – go shopping! This is a way to increase the supply of goods and reduce the need for shipping. There you have it! It is important to shop for others. You’re welcome. I have taken all your guilt away, so you can have some fun. Make it a group shopping trip and let your family and friends know. Samuel Plimsoll should be notified that you are having fun and learning while you’re out.


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