Plush Animal Lover’s Day

Plush Animal Lover’s Day

Plush Animal Lovers Day, a day dedicated to showing your love and appreciation for your favorite stuffed animal, is celebrated every year. According to urban legend, the Teddy Bear, the most beloved plush animal pet in the world, was created when President Theodore Roosevelt saw a baby Bear while on a hunting trip and refused to shoot it. Others stuffed toys were jealous of Teddy Bears being celebrated and created their own special day! Plush Animal Lovers Day was born and quickly became a popular holiday. You can take your pet to work, school, or to the office. Or you can give them a special tea party. This is a day to show your favorite toy how much you love them. You can stuff them as soft as you like, or make them more fluffy for cuddling.


Oct 01 - 28 2024


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