Pocky Day

Pocky Day

It can be found at any place where anime and Japanese culture fans gather. It can be found at every convention, in various flavors and colors, as well as in Wal-Mart. It is a simple concept: a sweet, slightly sweet biscuit coated in a flavor coating that can be enjoyed as a snack. It is a popular Japanese treat and can even be found in bars with a glass of ice-water. Pocky Day, as we are referring to it, is a great excuse to bring your friends along and have as many as you like!

1963 saw the introduction of a delicious new snack: a chocolate-coated breadstick that was served in boxes. Although it was immediately popular, it was messy to eat and resulted in chocolate-covered hands. This was a disaster. Pretz candy, also known as Pretz, was destined to revolutionize the candy market. Ezaki Glico food company came up with several solutions to their beloved candy.

They could cover the end of one stick with foil. This would work but would increase the cost of a snack that is usually low-cost. It would also be expensive and would be frustrating for customers. They’d suddenly have a new piece of candy to dispose of and would have to open it up while snacking. They decided to remove the chocolate from one portion of the candy and give it a handle. They renamed the candy Rocky and it became a sensation. The name Pocky was adopted in 2014.

Celebrating Pocky Day can be both entertaining and delicious, especially when you have all the flavors. You’re probably familiar with chocolate and strawberry. But did you know there are banana, coffee and caramel and melon? Even tomato and corn on a cob! There are many other flavors of Pocky, so you can make it anything. Gather your friends and bring some Pocky to share. You never know what your favorite flavor might be!


Nov 11 2024


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