Poem on Your Pillow Day

Poem on Your Pillow Day

Poetry is one the oldest forms of art in the world. On May 2, Poem on your Pillow Day, you can start or end your day with a little bit of poetry.

Today is a great time to rediscover or discover the beauty of the written word.

Poem on Your Pillow Day was created by www.tweetspeakpoetry.com and celebrates the delight and surprise of poetry in a very understated and subtle way – by encouraging observers to leave a small poem onto the pillow of your guest, your friend, children or even partners.

It is meant to surprise the recipient and give them something to smile about or to help them think before bed.

There are many small poems on the website that can be printed out and left on pillows. These include romantic poems, funny poems, and thoughtful poems.

Poetry has been used for centuries to tell stories, entertain, and express true feelings for the receiver. It is a time-honored method of spreading joy. It’s also a nice nod to the past when texting was all that was possible.

Do you want to give your children something they will treasure forever? You can leave a fun, small poem on your children’s pillow tonight. Do you want to show your partner that you love them? You can print a sweet poem of love and leave it on your partner’s bed. It will make them smile and be a reminder of how much you appreciate them.

You can encourage sweet dreams and help your friends get started on their day by leaving them a sweet poem or verse from a favorite song.

If you don’t live near the person you wish to cheer up with a poem of encouragement, why not send them an SMS on Poem on Your Pillow Day morning? You can also share your poems with friends by letting them know the day!


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