Poetry at Work Day

Poetry at Work Day

Do you dream of becoming the next Shakespeare, Wordsworth, or Keats? Poetry at Work Day gives you the chance to show off your creative skills.

Poetry at Work Day allows you to let your creativity flow and find the beauty in your work. There’s always inspiration, no matter how busy you are. Many people struggle to find time to exercise their brains creatively. This is an opportunity for us to be free to express our thoughts, ideas and feelings on paper.

There are no boundaries or limits to the creativity of anyone, from aspiring poets to those who have never written poetry in their lives. This event celebrates written words, and gives you the chance to let your imagination run wild. All workplaces can embrace poetry at work day and all ages are welcome to participate.

Poetry at Work Day was created to promote creativity and put a new spin on the typical working day. We are often so involved in work-related tasks that it is difficult to see the world around us and think clearly about what we are doing.

We focus on what we do and the environment around us, not how it affects our lives. This day is an opportunity to stop, take stock, and see the day from a new perspective.

Poetry at Work Day doesn’t require you to be a poet to reap its benefits. This is an opportunity to learn the joys of reading and writing poetry.

Creativity is more than just fun. Research shows that creativity can have a huge impact on stress reduction and happiness. It can also be a key component in problem solving or leadership.

Many people spend their working days looking at the clock, worrying about how many hours are left. Poetry at Work Day reminds us to stop, take a breath, and let our minds wander.

There are many ways to celebrate poetry at work. This is an opportunity to support and encourage budding poets as well as to bring coworkers closer together.

Spend some time reading, writing, sharing lines that resonate with you, inviting a poet to visit the office and showcasing their work. Poetry-themed quizzes, after-work trips to events such as open mic nights or public readings are some other activities. You might be a poet, and it’s worth a try!


Oct 01 2024


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