Poet’s Day

Poet’s Day

Poetry is a term that’s often used and loved. No matter if the poetry was dictated by our teachers in school or driven by teenage hormones, there was always a portfolio of our work to inspire or embarrass us. Poetry Day celebrates this art. Below, we will share everything you need to know. It is about accepting poetry, creating and enjoying it. It doesn’t matter if you prefer poetry by a well-known writer or if you prefer to be the creator. It’s about celebrating this literary form in all its forms. Poetry does not require a degree. It seems there are many types of poetry, and it is almost universal in a world with hundreds of different cultures and countries. Let’s look at poetry. There are many types of it, and in a world with hundreds of countries and thousands of cultures, it is almost universal. Aristotle wrote a book called Poetics to try to answer this question. He was only able a small part of poetry and its use in song, comedy, and rhetoric. William Shakespeare, one of the most important poets of all times, came from England along the Avon River in the aptly-named Stratford-upon-Avon, south Warwickshire. His work is the basis for studying poetry at college’s around the world and is still highly regarded. The most important lesson from Shakespeare’s rise to fame in poetry and literature is the time it took for his works become legendary. William Sieghart founded Poetry Day in 1994. He is a British publisher, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Forward Prizes for Poetry was also established by him. This is a major poetry award ceremony that is given once a year. The occasion was described by him as “There are millions talented poets out here and it’s time they get some recognition for what they do.” They should not be ashamed to read their poetry aloud. People should read their poetry out loud on the bus, at school, and on the streets. So, let’s encourage everyone to do so!


Aug 21 2024


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