Popeye Day

Popeye Day

“Well, blow me to the ground!” “That’s all that I can stand, ’cause it’s impossible for me to stand anymore!” “Shiver me timbers!”

Popeye is known for his funny catchphrases. Today is Popeye Day, so you can throw some around!

E.C. Popeye created the character Popeye on January 17, 1929. Segar was the original creator of Popeye’s character. The comic strip revolved around Olive Oyl, his friend. Although he was initially a side character in the Thimble Theatre comic strip strip, Popeye, The Sailor Man, became so popular that he created his own comic strip series. He eventually got his own TV show.

Popeye Day is now a day that honors this beloved sailor who appears to have extraordinary strength when he eats spinach. He always has a can nearby. Popeye is always ready to fight and wisecracking!

Are you looking for ways to participate in Popeye Day? These are some ideas to get involved in the celebration

Invite your friends to a small gathering to celebrate Popeye Day. Invite your friends to dress up in their favorite Popeye characters for the evening. You can show a variety Popeye cartoons via video during the party.

You can fill a table with different snacks and treats that revolve around the Popeye family, including cookies, cupcakes, and other sweets. Don’t forget to add the spinach!

Enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane and sing along to the Popeye theme song in celebration of Popeye Day. These lyrics were created for Popeye’s animated debut of 1933.

Popeye, the Sailor ManI’m Popeye The Sailor ManI’m Popeye The Sailor Man I’m strong until the end’Cause i eat me spinachI’m PopeyeThe Sailor Man

Enjoy the best humor and animation by taking a trip back to the comic strip world. Popeye Day can be celebrated by laughing with Bluto, Poopdeck Pppy, and the rest of the Sailor Man gang.

Popeye Day is retro! Watch the 1980 live-action musical comedy that stars Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall. It is the story of Popeye’s arrival to a small town in search of his dad. There he meets Olive Oyl who is about to marry Bluto.


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