Positive Media Day

Positive Media Day

Positive Media Day was created to shift the perception and status quo in media consumption. We are passionate about dispersing the negative media that gets in the way of the positive effects people make every day.

Positive Media Day is a day dedicated to inspiring, positive, and joyful media outlets. The belief that the news and the shared media are ill-representing the world.

Every day is filled with hatred, fear, and attacks. People will continue to believe this is the way the world is and will remain. As a society, we lose when we continue to encourage this negative behavior.

Positive Media Day is a day to feel inspired and lifted up in your news feeds as well as the mainstream media. There is just too much good going on and not enough people recognizing it. We can shift global sentiment by bringing positivity to mainstream media for just one day if we can.

We can’t accept the current state of affairs. Let’s make it better. We only need one day of unstoppable positivity and inspiration to get us started. Follow and share to make the world a better place.

Positive Media Day believes there is more positivity in media. People will feel happier, more open to helping others, and more excited about the future if they are exposed to news that makes them happy, inspired, and moved. We want to share the amazing news that is out there.

We ask that social media users only share news stories that make people happy, move, or inspire. You also should not re-post or re-tweet the same content.

We ask media outlets to make your content positive. If the content does not leave people feeling happy, touched, or inspired, we suggest following up on the story to see what is being done in order to improve the world.


Jun 22 2024


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