Pro Sports Wives Day

Pro Sports Wives Day

Did you catch that game last night, or not? Amazing, wasn’t it? With grit, determination and perseverance, your favorite player in your favorite sport saved you. Is it possible to think about that player even when they’re not working hard to make the sport enjoyable? Did you ever think about what their home life would look like with all the travel, training and promotion? Add in the many appearances and the media attention, and you can see how crazy their lives are. How can they keep their feet on the ground and stay focused? They may be lucky enough to have a wonderful wife. This is why we celebrate Pro Sports Wives Day.

It is hard to believe that there has not been an occasion to recognize these pillars in grace and beauty. You know what? In 2006, the first Pro Sports Wives Day was held. It has been celebrated every year since. This day was then set aside to recognize the annual honorees and all wives of retired or active sports professionals. You may be asking why they are needed.

Professional athletes’ wives do more than show up at events and appear on reality TV. Many wives do not seek fame or fortune, but instead use their position to help the community. They support their husbands in establishing foundations and other organizations that bring comfort and social change to the communities they live in. They raise awareness and funds for many causes.

Consider the teams you follow. I bet you haven’t heard much about the wives of any of them, but you might know about how they reach out to your local community. You guessed it! Their husbands may be out on exciting adventures and traveling the country, but their wives will stay at home caring for their families and supporting community causes.

It’s amazing to see that nearly 80% of professional athletes have been divorced. When you consider all that life can bring, it is easy to understand why. To be a professional sports wife, it takes a special and strong woman. You can honor them by researching your favorite player to find out the causes he champions. You might be able to give a bit of your time or financial support to these causes.

It is not normal for a marriage to be built under the watchful eye of a professional sports career. Women who can keep their family and marriage together despite the challenges are true heroes and they deserve our appreciation. Next time you are watching your favorite team or favorite player, think about the life behind them. We need your support to celebrate Pro Sports Wives Day


Nov 02 2024


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