Public Domain Day

After a while, copyrighted works will eventually become public domain. Public Domain Day is the day when this happens. Public Domain Day is a day to celebrate and show appreciation for works of literature, music and other media that are openly accessible to the public.

The rules for the duration of works are different in every country. In the United States, the rule is 70 years from the death of the original artist. However, some works can last up to 100 years before being made public. Works that are in the public domain can be legally shared without having to pay any fees or ask permission.

Public Domain Day was first mentioned in 2004. It has grown in popularity since then. This Public Domain Day allows you to discover and explore the creative possibilities that are more easily accessible than ever before.

Learn more about Public Domain Day and celebrate the freedom and joy of sharing more music, art, and literature! These are some ideas to celebrate:

Public domain is the term that allows books to be accessed free of charge. Many people who believe literature should be accessible have digitalized books and made them available online for free or very little fee. These titles can also be accessed at the public library.


Jan 01 2023


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