Public Service Day

Public Service Day

Without the hard work and dedication of those who live there, no nation can function. They must strive each day to serve the public. Although not all people serve this purpose, the ones who do are renowned for their dedication and the positive changes they make every day to our lives. Public Service Day reminds of the importance and dedication of those who serve their country every day.

Public service means to help improve basic human rights such as water, housing, and medical treatment. Volunteer Fire Departments, Ambulance Corps and other volunteers are responsible for providing these services and ensuring the safety of our homes. They would make our towns and cities less safe and provide emergency response when needed.

It may surprise you to learn how many people your friends are involved with the public service sector. Are you familiar with a mail carrier? What about a librarian? Have you ever known anyone who served in the military? These are all types of public service. Without them, we wouldn’t have the safety and security that we enjoy today.

Public service was first introduced in 1922 when municipal services like water and gas were developed. The scope of what was considered a public service grew as additional services were offered by government agencies. We have hundreds of public and community services available to us today, and the civil servants who work within these areas are responsible for providing our creature comforts.

Go to your local utility to express your gratitude for their help and to provide the services that you require. They are responsible for fixing your power lines after a storm or ensuring that there are no gas leaks following an earthquake. Sewer workers are a vital service that can be traced back hundreds of years. Without them, our streets would be flooded with sewage and sickness will reign. You can thank your garbageman too.


Jun 23 2024


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