Punk for a Day Day

Punk for a Day Day

The term punk, which means “beginning or novice”, was first used to describe bands that had a more gritty garage rock sound than the technical excellence of the former musicians. Punk emerged from the hippie rock era with ground-breakers such as the Velvet Underground, and shock rockers such as Alice Cooper.

It soared into underground New York and London. New York was the first to take the stage and London Punk Rockers took it. Bands like the Sex Pisls and Ramones created the image of what Punk was and was going to be.

Punk For a Day Day was created to honor the rich and varied history of Punk Rock. This incredible and powerful counter-culture movement revolutionized the music industry and the entire musical world. This all happened just a few years after the revolutionary hippie movement. The punk rock movement took what was left of their predecessors and combined it with rage-filled cynicism that would make Nietzche proud.

It is a great way to kick off your celebration by making punk your theme-genre. Move on to The Ramones. Next, move onto the Sex Pistols. You can also add some Abhinanda for a more international feel. Finally, roll back into the London underground with Adam & the Ants. Modern media players make it easier to track down the history and music of the musical revolution.

For something a little more outrageous, you can throw on your favourite band shirts and spike your hair. Wrap it all in leather for a relived version of your youth. To bring back the glory days, get together with old punk friends to host a Punk for a Day Party. You can rock out to your favourite tunes while wearing your punk clothes.


Oct 25 2024


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