Put a Pillow on your Fridge Day

Put a Pillow on your Fridge Day

You know how your pillow provides comfort each night, but you may also be frustrated by the way it is sometimes ignored every day. You can ensure your pillow works all day long during Put a Pillow On Your Fridge Day to bring you good luck and prosperity.

People in Europe and the USA used to keep a cloth in their pantry for luck, until the invention of refrigerators in 1920s. The storage of food has changed dramatically since then, which makes it difficult to see the future of this wonderful tradition. This event survived and is stronger than ever. You just need to place a pillow in your fridge on the right day. You may be able to see that this is the real equivalent of the old tradition. You might want to try both, so you don’t miss any of the luck!

It’s not a play on words: Pillows on Fridge Day is a day when people put pillows in their refrigerators. As you’ll soon see, this is part of paying homage to an old tradition that people used for luck. Many symbols are also associated with luck. There are many traditions around the globe. All symbols associated with luck include the penny coin and the horseshoe. This tradition is not a relic of ancient times. It’s simply an expression of gratitude to those families who hoped for more food. Although it might seem like a silly day, when you think about the reasons families kept a piece of linen in their drawers, it’s touching. Food is something we take for granted these days. You will be able to appreciate what Put a Pillow On Your Fridge Day is all about if you’ve ever worried about what you’re going to put on your dinner table.

This is not a regular day. It dates back to the early 1900s. This was when families would put a piece or two of cloth or linen in their larders. The cloth would have been taken from a bed or blanket in the bedroom and torn. This was done because they believed it would bring them wealth and good fortune. People believed that if they put a piece from their bedroom into the area where they store their food, it would bring wealth fertility and abundant food to their family.

This may be your first time reading about a larder. Why don’t we have one? The larder is an old word that first appeared in English language as early as 14th century. The larder is a place where meat or other provisions are kept. Not everyone can afford a fridge. Larders are usually a large cupboard or cold room used for food storage. Larders were common in the past, especially among the middle class. Lardum is Latin for bacon, fat or pork. The word “larder” comes from the Latin word Lardum. A closet full of meat does not sound appealing today, does it? It was used in days gone by when lard was needed to cook food and grease pans. The bacon and lard are kept in the larder. A pantry is the closest thing today to this.

The tradition of putting a pillow in your fridge on Put a Pillow Day was based on the old tradition of putting a piece fabric into the larder. However, technology and time have made it more modern. Larders are rare today. You will find an electric refrigerator used for food storage in most homes. Although the fridge was a death knell for larders it did not mean the end of the holiday. The tradition continued to evolve, and we now have this unusual, but amazing, Put a Pillow in Your Fridge Day.

You may choose to put a pillow on your fridge to celebrate Put a Pillow On Your Fridge Day. You will need to have a lot of room in your fridge for this to work. However, if you love the idea of turning your pillow cold, you’ll be thrilled to put it back once it has been sorted among your milk and yogurts. We don’t recommend trying to stuff a huge pillow in your fridge. You can also opt for the more traditional method of taking a piece from your bedroom and placing it in your fridge. This method is far more practical!

You will find out quickly that social media is in love with Put a Pillow On Your Fridge Day if you do a little bit of research online. This day has seen a lot in popularity over the years. People who love to use social media to share the bizarre and wonderful have made it a favorite day. The competition has become almost a contest to see who can create the most beautiful image of a pillow inside a fridge. You can’t make this stuff up.

If you’re a little creative and want to create the perfect images for your social media, you can make your own pillowcase! You can find pillowcases online dedicated to this date. They include images of cute fridges with pillows and words like “it’s put a pillow on my fridge day”. Retailers and fans around the globe have embraced this date. You can either make your pillowcase at home, or have one made for you by a professional. This service is offered by a variety of companies. The market for personalized goods has grown rapidly so it shouldn’t be difficult to get a pillowcase made.


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