Put On Your Own Shoes Day

Put On Your Own Shoes Day

It sounds simple, and we do it every day. But this day may have more to do than shoes and an opportunity to encourage children to tie their shoes.

We have very limited information about this day, so the jury is still out as to what it all means. It could be a symbol for independence, individuality and living your life to the fullest. It could be a day for children to learn how to tie their own shoes, or it could simply be a day for them to see the beauty and style of the humble shoe.

It is strange to say, but the history of footwear is incredibly varied and colorful. In the Middle Paleolithic period, shoes were first worn approximately 40,000 years ago. These shoes were not as fashionable as those you can find today. They were made of leather and wrapped around your foot. Bark and large leaves could have been used to make a basic sandal.

The Ancient Romans were the first to use sandals. History has many examples of them. Roman sandals were a big deal at that time because of their lightweight, sturdy, and breathable nature. This made it easier for footsoldiers to march and pillage.

The Baroque period was when footwear became fashionable. Your class is determined by how high your heels are. You probably didn’t do so well if you walked around with no shoes.

Over the centuries, shoes have been adorned with many different designs and styles – for both fashion and practicality. Today, they are both!

Parents of young children should allow their children to tie their own shoes and tie their laces. Even though we all take this for granted, a toddler can find it difficult to put on shoes. This is why December 6th is the ideal day for them to do so. It would be so wonderful if they kept putting on their shoes after that day! It won’t make school run faster.


Jun 12 2024


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