Radio Commercials Day

Radio Commercials Day

Although radio commercials can be seen as annoying and something to endure while you wait for the music to start, they are an integral part of entertainment for almost a century. They also provide employment for many people.

Radio Commercials Day is a celebration of the date that the first commercial radio broadcast was made on the New York station WEAF. This was broadcast on August 28th 1922 for Queensboro Realty, an American estate agent. The first UK radio commercial was broadcast on LBC in 1973. It promoted Birds Eye frozen foods.

You can find many early radio commercials online. It is a great way for Radio Commercials Day to be celebrated by listening to some and being transported back in time. You can also find radio commercials from all over the globe and enjoy the variety in tone and style used in them.


Aug 01 - 28 2024


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