Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

All of us have had pets we loved as family members. They were our furry little children. As with all family members, it is inevitable that a pet will pass away. This can often leave us feeling profound loss and pain. Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is a day to remember our furbabies who have gone before us.

Deborah Barnes, blogger and author of Zee & Zoey‚Äôs Cat Chronicles, created Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day in honor of her Ragdoll cat Mr. Jazz. She had to say his goodbye on August 28, 2013. Deborah Barnes, author and blogger of Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles, shared the story of her cat, Mr. Jazz, and the emotions that followed. No matter if the pet is furry, feathered, scaled, or another, the day honors the pet in whatever way the guardian feels comfortable. This includes using social media to upload a photo, write poetry, share a favorite memory or write a blog post.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day celebrates our past pets. The best way to remember them is to have a day dedicated to them. The Rainbow Bridge can be used to create a digital memorial for your pet so that they will always be remembered. Because our pets are so important to us, we should remember them. Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day reminds you to remember your pets, whether it’s online or in your yard.


Aug 01 - 28 2024


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