Random Acts of Poetry Day

Random Acts of Poetry Day

Poetry has existed as long as language has existed. It takes the shadowed heart of men and women, and finds ways to transform abstract feelings and perceptions into the rising and fall rhythms of spoken and written words.

It is impossible to express the spiritual and emotional experiences of humanity in simple sentences or phrases that are bound by grammar and sense. Sometimes our inner madness has to be expressed through chaos. Random Acts of Poetry Day is here to help you unleash your inner poet and share it with others.

Each year, on the first Wednesday in October, a new class emerges from their closed libraries and steam-filled coffee shops. They carry a pencil, a pen, and a dream with them as they set out to explore the wild lands of mundane and banal. These brave souls are they? There are poets from every background and every culture who set out to make sure that everyone has a spiritual and poetic day.

Moments of guerilla poetry are the best way to celebrate Random Acts of Poetry. Grab your chalk and start scribbling the words of your heart on alley walls and sidewalks.

What’s better than the pen and the word? Stand on a street corner and shout poetry to the wind.

Being a poet means to wander the wild lands of imagination and impossibility. Random Acts of Poetry Day gives you the chance to bring people into your world for a brief moment.


May 10 2025


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