Rapture Party Day

Rapture Party Day

It may have been a joke or a good excuse to have fun for those who believed the Rapture would occur in 2011, but it is easy to see why. Imagine believing that 200,000,000 people around the world suddenly disappear into the sky, amid terrible earthquakes of unprecedented magnitudes and relentless plagues. That’s kinda scary.

The predictions proved to be false, fortunately. Why waste the chance to celebrate not being annihilated? What is the point of celebrating the survival and growth of the human race? What are you waiting to do? It’s time to throw a Rapture Day Party.

Many people believe God will one day end the world, including Christians, Muslims, and Jews. However, it is not known when exactly. In 2001, Harold Camping, a Christian radio host and the then-president at Family Radio Christian Network, stated that he had determined the dates when the Rapture or Judgement Day would occur: May 11th and Oct 11th.

Camping claimed that the 5 months between the Rapture Day and Judgement Day would be a time for destruction. Those who were not saved would then be subject to fire, brimstone, and plagues that would kill millions every day, leading to the total and utter destruction our planet.

Most people, including Christians, dismissed these predictions. They claimed that the Christian radio host who made them didn’t know the exact dates for the Rapture and Judgement Day. Camping’s predictions, which were made on May 21st 2011 failed, became a joke around the world, and Camping was also accused of trying to make money from his terrified followers. After becoming infatuated by Camping’s teachings, a retired subway worker spent $140,000 on billboards to spread news. A more positive note is that Rapture Day has become a very popular party date. People are able to experience the end of the world through a horrible hangover and suffer from a terrible hangover.

It’s a great way to celebrate Rapture Day is to pretend that the world is ending. Start organizing your party by creating a list of foods that you would buy if the world were to end. Since the world is ending, it would not be possible to count calories. So if you are a fan of Twinkies, potato chips, or gummy bears in all sizes, you can take advantage of this chance to indulge in as many of your favorite junk food foods as you like. The perfect music is another essential element to make an unforgettable party memorable.

The theme of the apocalypse is a popular one in music for many centuries. There are many pieces that you can choose from: from Wagner’s Gotterdammerung (“Twilight of the Gods”), in which the composer disintegrates the entire world he has created. To be more current, there’s Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower”, to The Kelly Family‚Äôs “Another World”, and Britney Spears‚Äô “Till the World ends”, just to name a few.

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