Read an E-Book Week

Read an E-Book Week

Ebooks are becoming more popular thanks to companies like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Ebooks allow you to keep all your favourite books in one place. You can also take your ebook device anywhere you go without needing a bag filled with paperbacks.

Some people may prefer to feel the real thing on paper, but for ebook lovers, Read an Ebook Week offers everything they need and exciting deals.

Rita Toews is a mother and advocate reader who created Read an Ebook Week, an international celebration of ebooks. Read an Ebook Week brings together authors, ebook publishers, authors, device-makers, and readers looking for new stories and valuable networking opportunities in the writing world.

According to HuffPost, Toews hopes people will be more open to ebooks with the holiday. The ebook retailers and publishers get thousands of ebooks at no cost or at a small discount to avid readers. This also gives authors a spotlight.

Toews was inspired to create this holiday by her experiences as an author and her help in helping other authors write their stories. After being approached by many friends, Toews realized that ebooks were a great way for authors to get public attention and approached her local library to start Read an Ebook Week 2004. The holiday became increasingly popular as ebooks gained popularity. Toews today has her own website and multiple partnerships with retailers and publishers to promote this holiday.

Read an Ebook Week aims to promote rising talent in the writing field and make significant ebook purchases at discounted prices. You can advertise the holiday on your blog or website by using the hashtag #ReadanEbookWeek through banners, buttons and images in your feed.

If you are an author, make sure to promote your work and mention your retailer’s specials on this day. If you are a book lover, check out your favourite ebook sellers to see what deals you can find. You will be able to discover new ebooks that you love and relax while reading.


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