Real Food Day

Real Food Day

A table filled with healthy food is the best. There’s nothing better than a table full of delicious healthy food, from glistening greens and delectable dried fruit. The best thing about real food? You can eat more than just a plate of vegetables to enjoy a healthy meal. You can make healthy food into a variety of delicious fakeaway favorites. These include homemade pizzas and a new twist on the weekly Chinese. Real Food Day is a great day to choose healthier foods. You can live a healthier lifestyle and still enjoy delicious real food.

Real Food Day celebrates healthier food choices and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The Public Health Collaboration, a registered charity number. The Public Health Collaboration (registered charity no. 1171887) organizes the day. It’s a day to show some love for real food. Samuel Feltham, the Public Health Collaboration (PHC) noticed that Type II Diabetes was on the rise and wanted to increase awareness and education about real food.

The PHC is trying help people answer the question “What is real food?” You might think that chocolate bars or fast food are ‘fake food. But vegetables and fruits are’real’ foods. This day is all about allowing people to explore real food and encouraging them to eat less processed foods like fish and lentils.

Fake foods can be defined as foods that have been minimally modified from their original form. However, real foods can include foods that are high in added sugar and oil. Fake food is high in bad things, but low on the good stuff that will satisfy your hunger pangs.

Children, adults and everyone in between are welcome to participate in the day. You can also get activity packs for your family, school, or workplace, which will provide a distraction on a rainy day.

Real Food Day is more than healthy eating. It aims to increase awareness about how an active lifestyle and regular exercise can reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes. You can find inspiring stories on how people have regained their passion for life by reexamining their relationship to food at the Real Food Day blog.

Real Food Day was established in 2019 in an effort to counter the rising popularity of fast food and other health-related issues. The day was started by the Public Health Collaboration to demonstrate that real food and positive lifestyle changes can make some conditions better or even reversed. Samuel Feltham is the director of PHC. He was a Fitness Bootcamp instructor for five years. This means he is no stranger to healthy living. He decided to concentrate on the Public Health Collaboration in 2016 and he closed his Bootcamp business. He’s since gathered a team of top health professionals from Cardiologists to Psychologists to help him understand the reasons why people live less healthy lives and how they can fix it.

Why is it that we love fake food so much? It’s hard to give up the crisp packets and grab a piece of fruit, no matter how many take-outs we order each week. Fake food might be seen as a reward for bad days. How many of us order pizza to relax on Friday nights after a stressful week at work? Scientists believe that sugar-fix soda can give you a quick sugar rush that then leads to a sugar crash, leaving you wanting more. However, sugar-fix can also be obtained with fruits, vegetables, and dairy. These are released slowly so that you don’t feel a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

It is not a new phenomenon to see an increase in unhealthy lifestyle conditions. Conditions like obesity, which was pretty stable from 1960 to 1970, has increased by 35% in adults and nearly 50% for children since then. Type II Diabetes and high blood Pressure can both be linked to obesity. These conditions can be reversed or improved by changing your lifestyle and eating real food. It’s no surprise that the PHC is active in raising awareness.

Real Food Day is a great way to share the joy of healthy food with family and friends. Spend a little extra on healthy food and host a dinner party to celebrate the joys of real food eating. You want to entertain your kids for a while? You can get your kids involved in the cooking process by using some of the Real Food Day activity packs. This will give them a bit more food education.

You might be new to real food and want to replace your weekly Indian take-out with a cauliflower pizza base or another real food option. There are many real food cookbooks that can be used to satisfy your vegetarian, vegan, or pescetarian dietary requirements. Not a cook? We’re sorry. Why not support your local restaurant for real food and enjoy a night out with real food?

Download an activity pack to celebrate Real Food Day with your family and friends. You’ll find all the ingredients you need to throw a real food party with this pack, which includes quizzes and games as well as recipes.

Participate in the Real Food Day celebration on social media. Post a photo of yourself, your friends, or colleagues with a ‘I SUPPORT#REALFOODDAY or WE SUPPORT#REALFOODDAY sign. Include the reason you are supporting the day. Enjoy sharing your passion for real food and healthy living.


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