Redhead Appreciation Day

Redheads are unique and rare, which may be why they have been called many names like copper, ginger, spitfire, carrot top, or spitfire. Redheads are fascinating, beautiful and definitely worth celebrating.

That’s why Redhead Appreciation Days exist!

Redheads have natural genes that can be traced back thousands of years. Central Asia is where it is believed that the first redheads appeared. Redheads are often portrayed as having negative characteristics in classical literature, particularly among men.

It’s worth looking into the history of royal redheads. Both the Romans and the Greeks have often linked red hair to Celtic people.

Boadicea was a queen of British Icea tribes in the first century AD and one of the most well-known redheaded royal ladies in history. Boadicea led an uprising against Rome, for which she was still regarded as a folk hero despite the fact that the battle was lost. Boadicea was rumored as being extremely tall and having a frightening appearance with red hair falling down below her waist.

Other notable redheads include Queen Elizabeth I of England and Henry VIII her father. Winston Churchill was the prime minister in the United Kingdom during WWII. Both George Bernard Shaw, American playwright, and Mark Twain, American author were both redheads.

Another famous British redhead was Oliver Cromwell. He was an eminent leader in England and Scotland during the 1600s, and signed the death warrant of Charles I. Cromwell was eventually tried and convicted for regicide crimes. His embalmed ginger head was then put on a spike. It was said that the body of Cromwell was changed over the next 300-years.

Red hair has been believed to be a sign of witchcraft in some cultures, and others believe that red hair gives women special powers. Some of these myths may be true, however. Scientists have found that redheads are more sensitive than others to temperature changes. They may also have higher pain awareness. Their skin might even smell better.

Red hair is a recessive genetic color. It is the most rare natural hair color. Only 1-2% of the population can be called a redhead, or a ginger, because it is a recessive.

Redhead Appreciation day is a time for rare beauty redheads to be acknowledged and loved. Redhead Appreciation day is a great opportunity to show a redhead, whether they are a tiny baby ginger or a big burly one, how special they truly are.

These are some fun ways to celebrate Redhead Appreciation day:

It is important to show a redhead how much you care and appreciate them. Reach out to a friend, family member, or coworker who is a redhead. Send a card, note or letter to them. To show your love, give them a call. Take a favorite redhead to lunch!

Do you not know any redheads? That’s okay! You can simply greet them and wish them a Happy Redhead Appreciation Day.

Enjoy some music and pay tribute to redheads with a playlist created on Spotify, another music platform, or simply by playing a few songs.

Take a look at these songs about redheads for inspiration:


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