Refired, Not Retired Day

Refired, Not Retired Day

Retirement is often viewed as the long tea-time for the soul. It’s a transition from a busy life and career to a quiet convalescence where you can pester the kids while spoiling your grandchildren. Refired, Not Retired Day flips this whole idea upside down. Retirement should be an opportunity to refire about your life and use your new freedom to live life to its fullest. Are You Refired?

Phyllis May founded Refired, Not Retired Day when she set out on a mission to live large and get her passion back after her husband’s departure and retirement. At 55, she moved to Key West, Florida. She didn’t know anyone there and was just starting over. To keep herself busy and to experience new things that her professional life had prevented her from, she began working at different jobs.

She’s held a variety of interesting jobs since then, including working as a concierge and a host of temp jobs. Now, she works at a gift shop. This doesn’t sound like something you would find exciting. All this happening in Key West at The Pelican Poop Shop, where you can listen to Caribbean music throughout the day. She just needs a cheeseburger to make it happen!

After hosting her own TV show for one year, things really took off when she promoted her first book “Keys to Paradise… A fun guide to Key West”. She’s not living her retirement life, but she is living it ReFIRED.

Retired Day can be celebrated by simply reevaluating what retirement means. What are you planning for the years following your retirement? Do you want to waste away, or are you making big plans for a new life? Do not accept that retirement is all about the crying. Instead, dive in and live the life you have always wanted. Refresh your career!


Jan 03 2025


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