Reptile Awareness Day

Reptile Awareness Day is October 21st. Every year, reptile fanatics have a day that they can celebrate and share their passion; a chance to educate others who may not know about these amazing creatures called reptiles, and the habitat loss and threat of extinction that faces so many reptile species.Reptile Awareness Day, celebrated annually on this day, promotes learning about different types of reptiles, their natural habitats, and the ecological threats they face.

Reptiles are a class of vertebrates that are scaly and cold-blooded and that, with a few exception, lay eggs. They include turtles, terrapins, and tortoises; lizards, snakes, and legless worm lizards; the tuatara of New Zealand; and crocodiles, alligators, gavials, and caimans. There are 6,500-10,000 species of reptiles, which live on every continent except Antarctica.


Oct 21 2023


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