Return Borrowed Books Week

Return Borrowed Books Week

Library books can provide valuable insight and information on any topic that interests you. For those who love to research and are eager to locate that book, it may not be readily available. This is because many people have taken out the book and never returned it.

Return Borrowed Books Week is a way for individuals to help their local libraries solve the problem of storing valuable historical information.

Al Kaelin is a well-known cartoonist and art director in Los Angeles. His 3rd grade teacher at Holy Cross School, Sister Geraldine, was the inspiration for the holiday.

According to the Pasadena Star-News 2006 Obituary, Sister Geraldine was asked of him in 1953 by St. Mary’s Hospital librarian. His teacher wanted him to create this holiday to encourage others in private and public libraries to return the books they have taken out, so that others can enjoy the same experiences.

This event is published in the Chase’s annual Calendar of Events publication. The Chase Calendar of Events, which is a reference resource for all important dates and holidays throughout the year, was created in 1957 by Harrison Chase and William Chase.

Libraries across the country advertise this holiday to encourage their members to return borrowed books to their shelves to preserve the history and allow others to enjoy the same books.

Talk to your librarian if you are looking for ways to celebrate this holiday.

If you want to help with this holiday, start by sharing this holiday through social media using the hashtag #ReturnBorrowedBooksWeek and seeing if you have any books of your own that you can return.

Librarians can put posters up on bullet boards and advertise via social media to educate their communities about the importance of preserving books for the future.


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